Coordinating Committee

Next Coordination Committee meeting:
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Location: Baltimore City Planning Department 417 E. Fayette St, Baltimore, MD 21202
(8th Floor: Phoebe Stanton Boardroom)
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The Coordinating Committee—comprising representatives of the City of Baltimore (Mayor’s Office), Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland Stadium Authority, City Housing, City Parks and Recreation, and City Planning—works to maximize investments in 21st Century School Buildings Plan projects and community revitalization efforts.
The Coordinating Committee meets at least quarterly to coordinate and plan for:
  • The timing, location, and scope of school facility investments.
  • Community development efforts to support the City’s revitalization and stabilization goals.
  • Construction of renovations and replacements with City-sponsored neighborhood redevelopment efforts.
  • Citywide or specific school-level education requirements and design standards that impact community development (such as access, recreational uses and sustainability).
  • Community and stakeholder involvement in construction projects relevant to community development.
  • The identification and use of vacant school buildings consistent with Baltimore City Public Schools’ annual plan and the potential reuse of surplus or vacated school buildings and facilities by the City.
  • Input on each Feasibility Study for renovations and replacements during each study’s preparation phase, and the opportunity for review and comment before each Feasibility Study is finalized.
  • Proposed changes and amendments to the 21st Century School Buildings Plan.
  • Development of funding strategies to implement improvements that are otherwise not eligible for financing under the Bonds.
Read the roles and responsibilities of the Coordinating Committee as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding.