Memorandum of Understanding

The 21st Century School Buildings Program is a collaborative effort among Baltimore City Public Schools, City of Baltimore, Interagency Commission on Public School Construction and Maryland Stadium Authority.

Maryland state legislation provides the financial support for the 21st Century School Buildings Program and these four public agencies are authorized to manage and oversee the plan.

Key Understandings of the MOU:

  • Advances a beneficial relationship between the parties to the plan
  • Authorizes Maryland Stadium Authority to manage the financing for the plan
  • Establishes requirements to maximize local and minority Baltimore hiring and to identify student work experiences
  • Requires the highest standards for educational facility planning and green building practices
  • Provides a framework for schools design that includes space for cooperative uses and city priorities, like recreation, school partners and community-use
  • Mandates an improved long-term maintenance program for city schools
  • Directs cost-effective goals for maximizing per-student utilization of Baltimore’s school facilities
  • Establishes measurement criteria by which the parties will manage and oversee the plan

Read the entire Memorandum of Understanding, signed and approved by the state Board of Public Works in October 2013, which outlines each agency’s roles and responsibilities.

Read the Memorandum of Understanding Relating to Cooperative Use Space between the Department of Recreation and Parks and The Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners