Sustainable Schools

Sustainability is a key part of the 21st Century Buildings Plan. At multiple points throughout the engagement, design, construction, and operations processes, sustainability will be integrated.

City Schools strives to create buildings that are filled with natural light and clean air, are temperature controlled, have good sound quality, and offer ample outdoor space, all while conserving resources and energy.

Other considerations include managing storm water, carefully arranging the building on the site to maximize efficiency, and including features for student learning about the environment. Also considered is any other sustainability strategy that helps to achieve initial or ongoing costs, improve the health of building occupants, and encourage student learning.

All schools that are built new or substantially renovated must achieve the Silver certification of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standard for new schools, a program of the US Green Building Council.  Each design team will work with Lorax Partnerships, LLC, the City Schools/MSA LEED and Sustainability Consultant, to ensure certification.

Green School Workgroups may be formed at schools to engage students, teachers, staff, parents, community members and partners to help guide design and build interest in sustainable design and operations, and find ways to use the school and its grounds to promote environmental education.

For more information about sustainability efforts, see the City Schools Sustainability page.

Baltimore City Public Schools Going Green Resource Guide: