School Project Status

The list below list reflects the 21st Century Schools' most recent status. School buildings in the most advanced stages of the process are listed first. Each title provides a brief description of the stage indicated.

School Detailed Status
Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School Open
Frederick Elementary School Open
Wildwood Elementary/Middle School (formerly Lyndhurst) Open
Dorothy I. Height Elementary School Open
Arundel Elementary School Open
Arlington Elementary School Open
The Historic Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School Open
Forest Park High School Open
Pimlico Elementary/Middle School Open
Robert Poole Building Open
Fairmount-Harford Building Open
School Detailed Status
Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary/Middle School Construction
John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School Construction
Walter P. Carter Building Construction
Bay-Brook Elementary/Middle School Construction
Mary E. Rodman Elementary School Construction
School Detailed Status
Patterson Building Construction Documents
Medfield Heights Elementary School Construction Documents
Govans Elementary School Construction Documents
Harford Heights Building Construction Documents
School Detailed Status
Cross Country Elementary/Middle School Design Development
Calverton Elementary/Middle School Design Development
Robert W. Coleman Elementary School Design Development
School Detailed Status
James Mosher Elementary School Schematic Design
School Detailed Status
Northwood Elementary School Concept Design
School Detailed Status
Montebello Elementary/Middle School Pre-Design
Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School Pre-Design
Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School #237 Pre-Design

Last Update: May 16, 2019