Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

The 2013 Memorandum of Understanding for the Construction and Revitalization of Baltimore City Public Schools (the MOU) outlines a provision for City Schools, with comment by the Maryland Stadium Authority, to develop a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan (CMP).

The purpose of the plan is to establish a formal preventative and ongoing maintenance program for all school buildings managed by City Schools and to identify standards and measurements by which the plan will perform and improve City Schools’ portfolio over a five (5) year period.

Elements of the plan, in accordance with Maryland Bureau of Public Works (BPW) Regulations (COMAR 23.03.02) and approved by the Interagency Committee on School Construction (IAC) includes:

  • Templates for new, renovated and existing school buildings
  • Building Maintenance Plans (BMP) for each school
  • Performance Metrics with annual budgets
  • Staffing and Inspection parameters

Read More: page 25 - Comprehensive Maintenance and Operations Plan of the MOU