Cooperative Use Space

The Memorandum of Understanding for the Construction and Revitalization of Baltimore City Public Schools (the MOU) , section II.8, requires all new and renovated schools in the Plan to allow for recreational opportunities for the community and other ‘Cooperative Use Spaces’. The Cooperative-Use spaces for the 21st Century School Buildings Program schools appear in the categories of Community-Use Space and Shared Space (see diagram).

Community-Use Spaces are apportioned according to the programs and services identified for each particular school. The City, school, parents and community provide input to how the community-use space will be used and designed. Based upon the functions and times of operations required, Community-Use Spaces are assigned as Scheduled or Designated.

Designated community-use space is occupied by one organization or function.  No other program or service is permitted to use Designated space.

Scheduled community-use space, while assigned for use by a primary program or service during specific hours of operation, these spaces are eligible for use, by interested parties after school hours.

The amount of Community-Use Space assigned for the schools in the 21st Century School Buildings Program are based upon guidelines in the Maryland Public School Construction Program (PSCP).

Shared Spaces

Efficient, flexible and multi-purposing is key to the modern design of educational environments. Schools share their spaces, before and after hours of learning, with their neighborhoods and with the public. Typically, large spaces which accommodate student assemblies and activities of various sorts, are also excellent venues for City recreational programs and large community gatherings, as well. Each 21st Century School includes such spaces.  Agreements for using these spaces will be established by City Schools on a case-by-case basis.