Jobs & Internships

The size and scope of the 21st Century School Buildings Program opens up many business and employment opportunities. Job announcements are posted through various outlets including the 21st Century School Buildings Program website, hiring fairs, local media, and through the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development.

Jr. Educational Facility Planner, Baltimore City Public Schools

The Maryland State Legislature has approved an ambitious capital improvement plan for Baltimore City Public Schools to overhaul its portfolio of dilapidated school facilities over the next ten years. A critical component of this work is ensuring that the specific functional, spatial, and environmental requirements for the many diverse academic needs of a school are considered and incorporated into the site specific designs and planned renovations. In performing this work, the Educational Facility Planner will play a critical role in helping to plan educational buildings that foster great learning for decades to come. It is an opportunity to use and develop one’s planning skills in improving public education in Baltimore City. Learn more and apply here.


School Open Position # of Positions Salary/Hourly Wage
John Ruhrah ES/MS Laborer (Concrete) 1 $24.66/hour
John Ruhrah ES/MS Concrete Form Operator 1 $41.36/hour
John Ruhrah ES/MS Equipment Operator 1 $36.69/hour
Arlington Elementary Electrician 5 $53.58/hour
Arlington Elementary Electrical Apprentice 5 $24.66/hour
Arlington Elementary Laborer 1 $24.66/hour
Arlington Elementary Laborer 1 $18.86/hour
Fairmount Harford Building Telecommunications Technician 3 $24.66/hour
Fairmount Harford Building Roof Laborer 2 $24.66/hour
Fairmount Harford Building Glazier Laborer 1 $24.66/hour
Cherry Hill ES Electrical Apprentice 1 $39.16/hour
Forest Park ES Laborer 2 $20.73/hour
Fairmount Harford Building Equipment Operator 2 $20-24/hour
Fairmount Harford Building Concrete Form Carpenter 2 $20-24/hour
Fairmount Harford Building Laborer 3 $14-19/hour
Fairmount Harford Building Laborer 1 $24.66/hour
Fairmount Harford Building Evacuation Foreman 2 $30/hour
Arlington Elementary Roof Laborer 4 $24.66/hour

Baltimore City residents are strongly encouraged to apply. Please visit a One Stop Career Center for pre-qualification. Locations are listed below, under "Local Hiring Plan."

Local Hiring Plan

As stated in the Memorandum of Understanding for the Baltimore City Public Schools Construction and Revitalization Act of 2013, the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) is charged with developing a comprehensive local hiring plan to support the goals of the Collaborative. This plan will leverage the resources of MOED’s One Stop Career Center Network and work collaboratively with a broad range of City educational, workforce/training, faith-based and community organizations to assist in the training and preparation of City residents for employment opportunities created by the 21st Century School Buildings Program. Download the Local Hiring Plan and Local Hiring Plan FAQs.

One Stop Career Center Locations

Northwest Career Center (Mondawmin Mall)
2401 Liberty Heights Avenue (3rd floor), Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: (410) 396-7873
Hours of operation: 8:30am-4:30pm (M-F), open until 7:00pm on Tuesdays

Eastside Career Center
3001 E. Madison Street, Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: (410) 396-9030
Hours of operation: 8:00am-4:00pm (M-F)

Student Internships

The 21st Century School Buildings Program has partnered with Urban Alliance to provide educational, paid internships that provide operational and technical experience for high school seniors currently enrolled in CIty Schools CTE (Career Technology Education) programs.

Through this partnership, CTE students receive soft skills training, internship placement with a construction firm, case management, post high school planning support and ongoing professional development training throughout the school year and summer. Each intern is assigned a site mentor that provides meaningful tasks and experiences. 

If you are a senior City Schools CTE student and are interested in working for the 21st Century School Buildings Program, please contact your CTE teacher for more information or Natasha Muhammad at 410-366-5780 or

If you are representing a company that is interested in hosting an intern, please send an inquiry to Stephanie Amponsah at: or at 410-366-5780. You may also visit