Community engagement is an integral piece to the success of the
21st Century School Buildings Program.

Through a series of community meetings, the collaborative work of schools and the community will serve as a guiding force in making the vision of the plan a reality for Baltimore's residents. To best incorporate the input from every interested group, a School Core Team will oversee the process to ensure that feedback is solicited and considered. The School Core Team input on the educational specifications, the feasibility study options, and the design development process throughout the various stages of the process.

To accomplish this goal, the School Core Team provides input to the ed planners, architects and City Schools from a variety of perspectives within the school community and district office. Between school community-wide meetings, the School Core Team ensures that all perspectives are available to the ed planner or architect, in the belief that a design process that incorporates the perspectives of multiple stakeholders will result in a better designed building, with greater support for the ultimate design, and greater maximization of the building’s potential when the building is actually in use.

The School Core Team provides the ed planner and architect with a defined group of stakeholders that the architect can consult with in order to obtain multiple perspectives and varied input. It also provides a focal point for input from others in the school community, so the ed planner and architect can have access to multiple perspectives without having to talk to all individual members of the school community on an ongoing basis.

School Core Team members will also, over time, acquire a more in-depth understanding of the design process and the various considerations at work in the process and can help to credibly share and explain this information with other members of the school community.