School Projects

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Students learn best—and achieve their fullest potential—when their school facilities provide areas for learning that support innovative, high-quality instruction.

Qualilty education happens in facilities that support use of current technology and ensure safety and security. It also means providing a healthy environment for learning with good air quality, lighting, heating and ventilation, and water that is safe to drink. By making sure there is thoughtful integration within neighborhoods, schools can provide resources and support for students and the community that extend beyond the school day.

That’s why the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners is making it a priority to provide high-quality, modernized school facilities that give students and staff the best possible spaces for learning.

Year 1 Schools Project Type
Arlington Elementary School Renovation and Addition
Arundel Elementary School Replacement
Cherry Hill Elementary/Middle School Renovation and Addition
Forest Park High School Renovation and Addition
Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School Replacement
Frederick Elementary School Renovation and Addition
John Eager Howard Elementary School Renovation and Addition
Lyndhurst Elementary/Middle School Renovation and Addition
Patterson Building Replacement
Pimlico Elementary/Middle School Renovation and Addition
Robert Poole Building Renovation and Addition
Year 2 Schools Project Type
Fairmont Harford Building (REACH! Partnership School) - - -
Cross Country Elementary/Middle School - - -
Medfield Heights Elementary School - - -
Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary/Middle School - - -
John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School - - -
Calverton Elementary/Middle School - - -
Govans Elementary School - - -
Walter P. Carter Elementary/Middle School - - -
Bay-Brook Elementary/Middle School - - -
Mary E. Rodman Elementary School - - -
Montebello Elementary/Middle School - - -
Harford Heights Elementary School - - -
Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School - - -
Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School #237 - - -
James Mosher Elementary School - - -
Robert W. Coleman Elementary School - - -
Northwood Elementary School - - -